Chapter Sixteen: Miracle

“Yeah,” a gruff, but faintly familiar voice answered.

“This is Michael Tomassini. I was given this number several months ago, with instructions to call if my sister, Natalie, needed anything. Well, she needs help. Who is this?”

“Michael, it’s Jon, man. What can we do?”

Michael was stunned. No way he expected to be dialing Jon’s cell. He expected at best a personal assistant. “Natalie has six hours, no, make that five, to get to Colorado for transplant surgery. We can’t get a flight, private or commercial, in that time. Can you do anything?”

“Give me ten minutes,” and Jon was gone.

Michael turned to Patti. “Did you know that when you gave me that note from Jon, that he included his personal cell number? I just called and talked to him; he’s gonna call me back in ten.”

Patti wasn’t surprised, though she hadn’t known about it until just now. She knew that Jon and the guys were keeping discreet tabs on Natalie’s situation through Patti, but she didn’t realize the extent of their concern or caring. Jon never gave out that number. Never.

Michael’s phone rang.

“Yeah?” he paused, listening intently. “OK. Got it. Thanks man – this is above and beyond.” He paused again. “OK, see you then. Bye.” Michael hung up, looking shell shocked.

He dialed the doctor. “I have transportation to Denver from JFK for Natalie. Let’s get her outta here; I’ll give you details on the way.”

Michael looked at Patti with shock still apparent on his face. “Jon has his plane getting ready for flight to Denver. He has someone else meeting us at Denver International with his own private helicopter to fly us to the hospital. It’s all taken care of – we just have to get there.”

Dr. Stilson and an orderly came into the room to get Natalie ready for transport to the airport. Patti waved Michael off. “You go with your sister. I’ll pack up Natalie’s things, and be right behind you.” She pressed quick kiss onto Michael’s lips. “Go.”

The traffic gods were on their side, and they made it to JFK in record time. The ambulance, with Patti following closely behind, was brought onto the tarmac with a police escort. There, in all its glory was Jovi Air’s flagship plane. The ambulance driver looked over at Michael and whistled. “You sure do know some interesting people.”

“Tell me about it,” Michael answered with a wry grin.

The EMTs got Natalie settled as best they could on the plane. Michael, Patti, and Dr. Stilson got themselves strapped in. As the plane’s door closed, the cockpit door opened, and Jon came out. “Tico is flying us today, our regular pilot is out of town. Don’t worry, T’s an ace pilot.” He strapped himself in next to Michael.

Michael reached out to shake Jon’s hand. “I can’t tell you how much this means to our family; to me. We are forever in your debt. I can’t imagine what it would be, but if there’s anything I can do for any of you, ever, all you have to do is ask.”

The plane barreled down the runway, and glided off into the night.


Murmele said...

oh my god
i´m crying all the time

it´s a great story


Stephanie said...

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! Go Natalie! Keeping my fingers crossed for this to work out. Way to go Jon for stepping up with the plane.

Can't wait to see what happens now.

Tara Leigh said...

Tico's flying?

And sheeeesh. Talk about heart in your throat.