Chapter Nine: The Song

After the last encore, the band once more gathered around Jon at center stage. Jon addressed the crowd. “We have one more song for you tonight before we go.” The crowd moaned. “I know, I know,” Jon said, “we don’t want to go, either, but we only have this place booked for a little while longer. We’ll come back, don’t worry.”

The four men descended the stairs, and stood in front of Natalie. Jon took her hand and said, “Natalie, baby, this last song is for you. It’s something we just finished last week. Nobody but us has heard it yet. Come sit with us.” He led her to the stairs leading back onto the stage, and sat her down on the top step. Jon and Richie sat on either side next to her; Tico and David at her feet. “We’re doing this one a capella. Here we go.”

With that, the four started harmonizing, 50’s style, while Natalie’s face lit up. She couldn’t believe it! They wrote a song for her. She was being serenaded by her favorite band.

Richie took her left hand while he sang the first verse with his sensual voice.

Baby I read the words you wrote, I read your heartfelt thoughts
Your gift was better than anything you could have sent store-bought
You said you felt you knew me
That you would be faithful to me
Well, thank you, baby, thank you; Hell that’s saying quite a lot.

Tico put his hand on her left knee, and sang the next verse in his sexy baritone.

You say you feel a longing, to inspire passion in a song
Well, babe, I’d say you’ve done it, or do I have it wrong?
If you listen closely to me,
You’ll know you spoke right to me.
You moved me, babe, and thank you; it hasn’t happened for so long.

The four sang the chorus together, making Natalie’s eyes tear up.

Thank you for sharing with me, your joys and all your pain.
Thank you for letting me try to shield you from the rain.
Thank you for sharing your laughter, for letting me dry your tears.
Thank you for being there, loving me, all these long, long years.
Baby, thank you.

David placed his hand on her right knee, commanding her attention, while he sang to her, gently.

Darlin’, when I read between the lines, it’s plain for me to see
You’re the kind of woman a man should love, worship, want, and need
Well, every single day now,
For you, I’m gonna pray now.
Thank you darlin’, thank you; you’ve shown me I should still believe.

Finally, Jon took her right hand, and sang with such sincerity, with such passion and sorrow, that the tears that had been held at bay finally fell from Natalie’s eyes.

The world will suffer, baby, when it finally loses you.
Listen to the words I’ve sung, and you’ll know what you should do.
I need for you to fight,
Pray to God to make it right.
Thank you for sharing your life with me. Baby, I love you, too.

After the final chorus, the crowd went crazy. They loved this new song. Jon leaned in to whisper in her ear, “You inspired us, sweetheart, you really did. Thank you,” and he kissed her. Jon turned to the crowd. “What did you think? Should that go on the next album?” The crowd roared. “Well, we may just have to do that. That song was inspired by this beautiful, brave, young woman. Darlin’ we wish you all the best. We’ll be praying for you.”

They all stood, and drew Natalie into another hug before handing her down the stairs to her brother. The foursome went back on stage, made their final bows, and the show was over.


Stephanie said...

That was amazing, wonderful. What else can I say? Love it.

Tara Leigh said...

I'll be on the floor if that's okay.
ANd that was a gorgeous song.

I soooo can't write songs. That was truly inspiring if it's yours.

Anonymous said...

Just had to say, I was IN TEARS!

Yeah big softie here.

Love it and need to read more!

Gail xx

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm sitting here with crocodile tears rolling down my cheeks. That was absolutely beautiful. I'm with Tara, I cannot write lyrics. Wonderful chapter and you have me soooo hooked!


Stina said...

That made me cry. Well written.