Chapter Eight

Natalie looked at Michael, stood up to take Jon’s hand, and followed him up onto the stage. Tico and David each gave Natalie a big hug. Richie was next, picking her up and swinging her around, making her laugh, before letting her go.

Jon took Natalie’s hands and stared into her eyes, as if he were searching for something. A hush fell over the crowd as they watched him mesmerize this pretty young woman. Finally, he leaned in and gently touched his lips to hers. When he straightened, Natalie unconsciously licked her lips. Smiling that smile that turns otherwise sane women into blathering idiots, he drawled, “Darlin’, you sure are kissable.”

The rest of the band came running back over, making the audience laugh, and Natalie giggle nervously. A quick round of pecks from the others, and Jon shooed them away. “Get outta here, you vultures,” he said with a smile. “Now, darlin’, we’d like to do a song for you – whatever you’d like. Got any favorites?”

Natalie blushed, as Jon turned his mic to her. “Only everything that’s ever come out of your mouth,” she replied, breathlessly.

Jon smiled at her. From behind him, Richie complained, “I sing too, you know.”

Natalie laughed harder. She looked over at him, and his fake pout. “Richie,” she said, and thought for a minute. “I mean ‘Mr. Bluesman’, You’re Not Alone,” she said, naming two of his solo tracks. “I know that you sing, too, and quite beautifully.”

Richie tipped his hat to her, and blew her a kiss. “Thanks for stoking my ego there, babe.”

“Hey, what about me?” David piped up from behind the keys.

Natalie looked at Jon, chagrined.

Jon just laughed. “Don’t look at me, babe. You got yourself into this mess, you get yourself out of it.” He winked at the audience, swung an arm companionably around Natalie's shoulders – Yikes! – and turned her toward where David was standing.

“OK, David,” she said, thoughtfully. “I Can Love everyone’s music, can’t I? I will say, though, your version of Tumblin’ Dice was fantastic.”

“Thanks, darlin’,” he beamed.

Jon rolled his eyes. “Darlin’, you might as well do Tico too, before he starts crying back there.”

Tico grouched, “I don’t have my own albums.”

“No, you don’t,” Natalie agreed, “but when you sang Patsy Cline? Man, I went weak. You voice is amazing – so deep and sexy. Besides, your other work, your art, is truly inspiring. I just loved “First Love”. It was beautiful.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Tico answered with a smile.

“Now, if you don’t mind,” Jon commandeered Natalie’s attention again, “we were talking about me.” He turned around to shoot dirty looks at his friends, who just laughed at him. He looked back at Natalie, and winked. “If you’re done flirting with my band, then maybe you can answer my question? Hmmm?” He smiled at Natalie. Good Lord, what a smile. A girl could get lost in that smile. “Tell me, what do you want to hear?”

“Well, you’ve already played my all-time favorite song. But there is another that speaks to me – It’s My Life. Could you do that one for me?”

“Absolutely. Say no more, darlin’. Mickey, bring a stool out here for the lady. Boys, let’s rock.”

And boy, did they.


Tara Leigh said...

Ga!! I gotta say, I'd be diggin' deep for an unheard song. LOL But it's a good one none-the-less---for it's meaning. ;)